The outcome of one’s residential property comparison try described within the Shape dos (maps found in Appendix C)

The outcome of one’s residential property comparison try described within the Shape dos (maps found in Appendix C)

The outcome having using T1 gave a good 78% of one’s city given that nonviable, % since simple, 6.24% of the same quality and only 1% once the decent. Thus, only a small the quantity of investigation area is acceptable to own using the T1 because tech (accuracy farming) has actually high conditions to possess implementation.

The outcome of residential property evaluation to possess implementing T2 includes % of your own urban area since nonviable, 31% just like the decent, and simply step one.18% as the optimum. The suitable region of using cutting-edge animals farming procedure is much more detailed compared to T1 (look for Contour dos) however, below T3 to help you T5. T2 (forest having included animals) demands an economic money, technical thought, and you may degree but with not as high means due to the fact that from T1.

The outcomes of your own property testing to own using T3 has % of the town as the greatest, % once the decent, and you may 1.39% of the same quality. The investigation city is suitable for using this approach, due to the fact the fundamental requirement try saving brand new pure environment to keep the environment characteristics.

The outcome getting implementing T4 tend to be % of your own city while the very good, % as optimum, and you can % once the nonviable. This procedure comes with a large urban area suitable for app given that, since a classic Criollo livestock, this has a lot fewer standards than state-of-the-art livestock; the Criollo technique actually lets probably local grasslands and you may natural woods. This is why unsustainable explore , portfolio data out of experts’ feedback implies that zero city percentage need to become assigned to this process, as we have experienced in the past.

The outcomes to possess applying T5 boasts % of your own urban area given that decent, % as optimum, and simply six.76% as the nonviable. Such as T4, the new T5 has actually an enormous urban area right for software, because has actually straight down requirements getting forest administration traditionally and sustainably away from wood, hunting, and you can get together, once the did because of the Wichis.

As the shown when you look at the Profile dos, the challenge on the Simplex approach would-be cutting-edge for process 1 and dos for the brief suitable components.

3.4. Belongings Delivery with Simplex Formula

Because of the home investigations, 57 combinations of your own suitability classes having using the four techniques was receive, get a hold of Desk 6. The newest Simplex approach are conducted in these 57 combinations to help you designate for every single so you’re able to a method away from one of many five you can easily, optimizing the area viability and meeting the space purpose derived from this new profile study. The results let you know the greatest holiday accommodation towards the purpose (T1 = 8.90%, T2 = %, T3 = %, T4 = 0.00%, and you can T5 = %), also it try found that for each and every integration was only allotted to that maximum approach, apart from brand new “0,0,6,6,5” and you can “4,6,six,six,6” combinations; these types of section was in fact divided certainly T3/T5 and T1/T2/T5, respectively (Desk 6).

For these several times having several method assignation, the brand new polygons with the help of our combos are distributed to reach the required region of for each and every technique. For every combination constitutes of numerous polygons, given that revealed inside Desk 6. The brand new combos “0,0,six,6,5” and you will “4,6,six,six,6” presented direct withdrawals (Dining table 7 and Dining table 8), as there is no reason to separate one polygon.

step three.5. Geospacialization of one’s Max Distribution of the Five Process

The optimal shipping of the four process acquired by using the Simplex strategy during the a beneficial GIS ecosystem makes it possible for plotting the shipping. Since the revealed from the chart (Profile step 3), the techniques was marketed spatially, homogeneously, plus rigid section so much more thorough than simply an excellent hectare, enabling a straightforward application of brand new assigned strategy. Along with, it may be noticed into the map you to definitely a number of brief portions off T1 seem to flow but are constantly encircled otherwise in the community having T2, rendering it you can easily so you’re able to include the treatment of those two techniques, being associated with the brand new higher level of technology and will getting constituted just like the built-in facilities.