Zoey and you can James got an effective relationships and not contended

Zoey and you can James got an effective relationships and not contended

When Zoey is actually available to check out England along with her parents, visitors had heard about they but Pursue and he imagine she had decided to go as opposed to speaking with your very first, and you can try upset. Zoey decides to go then leaves, when Michael eventually kept brand new web cam connected to Zoey’s desktop in England into the, she read Chase speaking with Logan and you may Michael about how exactly the guy is within like which have Zoey and therefore they have held it’s place in love together with her because the second he very first laid eyes into the the woman, she afterwards decides to go back to PCA is with Pursue however it looks like Chase had opted in order to The united kingdomt to-be together with her and you can demonstrates to you that he dont come back to PCA up to he accomplished an entire semester in the England. While he is fully gone Zoey times James Garrett, Logan and you may Michael’s the roommate. When they separation, Pursue output and he and you may Zoey show a hug and you can attend the latest prom together because the a couple of.

James Garrett (Friend/Ex-Boyfriend)

James turned into Michael and you may Logan’s this new roommate immediately after Chase kept, after which became Zoey’s this new boyfriend, it dated throughout the attacks Rumor away from Prefer to Going after Zoey. The happy couple made an effort to features an enchanting food from the Vacarros, just after believing nobody more into the PCA you will definitely pay for it but they had destroyed of the remaining group. But making up for this, the remainder gang organized to allow them to keeps an effective silent dining to the PCA volleyball courtroom. In Chasing Zoey, James provided Zoey a beneficial necklace saying the guy likes her, however, Zoey finished up breaking up that have him once the she adored Pursue over she cherished him. However, they agree to are still relatives.

Quinn Pensky (Companion)

Zoey and you will Quinn became household members during the This new Roomies, where Zoey briefly existed with Quinn immediately following Zoey began arguing which have their roommates. Quinn joyfully performed several medical studies on her, to Zoey’s dismay. Once Zoey expanded tired of that it, she desired to go regarding Quinn’s place but believed bad as the she did not need to harm Quinn’s ideas (whether or not Quinn ironically planned to perform the same due to Zoey’s resistance in starting to be part of Quinn’s tests).

While the show progressed, Zoey and you may Quinn gradually increased better along with her. In the 12 months dos top-quality, Quinn moves on the room across the street so you’re able to Zoey, Nicole, and you will Lola’s place, which is very thrilled you to definitely she installs an enthusiastic HDTV inside each other rooms so they can video clips talk to their often. Inside the Robot Battles, shortly after Logan phone calls Quinn an excellent dork behind their as well as visitors jokes – Zoey integrated. Zoey is the earliest one to talk to Quinn and you may apologizes. Quinn are amazed to see that group, especially Zoey laughed at Logan’s opinion and therefore she thought that Zoey try the lady friend. Finally of your own episode, Zoey including everybody constructed and you will Quinn forgives them.

By 12 months 3, Zoey and you can Quinn be roommates and greatest relatives, in the event at first Zoey and you may Lola is actually hesitant to let Quinn area together. For the Shock, Quinn are chronic to the delivering Zoey to learn one Pursue was crazy about Zoey. From inside the Chase’s Wife, Quinn instantaneously started initially to dislike her (probably if you are the reason you to Zoey and Pursue aren’t inside a romantic relationship). Once reading that Rebecca threatened Zoey, Quinn got into the regarding the girl Quinnventions and you may said “I’ll be into 10 minutes”. In the sequel occurrence Zoey’s Balloon, immediately following viewing Zoey using a good banana suit, Quinn asks their as to why she’s dressed therefore, but Zoey doesn’t want to resolve. Quinn conveys so you can Zoey you to definitely since they are roommates, Zoey should be able to confide in her things. Once Zoey confesses you to definitely Zoey is blackmailed, Quinn remains right up for hours inside their place to obtain the culprit, and visits higher lengths that have Lola to quit Firewire and Rebecca, that the individuals responsible for Zoey’s difficulty.